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Bandelore Map
Our Original Bandelore Map

Hopefully you have found your way to Bandelore on purpose. But if not, please stay a bit, and learn what there is to know. Bandelore is a delightful fantasy setting two siblings made to be both the settings of their book series, but also their D&D campaigns. They hope that you will find, as they have, the more time you spend in Bandelore, the more there is to learn!

What is Bandelore?

Bandelore is a young realm, in comparison to the others. When Kaldavar and Dreadustraszus rose to power, the realm itself was less than 10,000 years in existence. Well, at least in sentience. A god, a wanderer, brought himself to an empty expanse of the cosmos and sought to create a realm, full of inhabitants and sentient creatures. This act weakened him greatly, near to death, but he had some little remaining power, and he thought to save himself. He instilled in all beings living in Bandelore, a tiny divine spark, not one to increase their own life, or power, or wisdom, but the ability to create divinity, merely by believing.

It was not enough to save him, however, and the god fell to earth as a man. He tried to regain his power, by convincing others he was a god, but he had no power left, and they killed him for his lunacy. It was not long before heathen gods, gods of Fire and Flame, War and Shadow, ancient Magic and Evils came to be, the focus of men’s attention, their divinity given rise through fear, not love. But gods they were, and gods they ruled, until the inevitable occurred.

They fell.

The Dragon War broke out. All the power of the gods combined could not save the mortals from being caught between the furies of the mighty beasts. They forgot their gods, and no longer believed. The heathen gods were angry as their power dwindled, so they used what remained to punish the mortals, not save them, and this cursed them even more assuredly to mortality.  One of the heathen gods saw the flaw in the plan of his brethren.

Instead of following their plans, he went about his duty more fervently than ever before. Volsaag, who had been given Death as his domain, gave heartily of himself to his duty. He was the only of the old gods to survive the turmoil. Other gods rose after, born of the mortal’s love, not their fear. They have lasted until Dreadustraszus removed all history of these new gods, and made the people forget…

And the gods fell once more.

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